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Aromatherapy & Wellbeing

Taking care of ourselves physically and emotionally helps promote wellbeing. What can we do to get there? In addition to proper medical care, there are steps we can take. Manage stress. Slow down. Meditate. Go outdoors! Eat well. Sleep. Spend time with supportive family and friends.

Aromatherapy is another tool available for achieving wellness. This fragrant complementary practice uses essential oils to  provide support through a variety of issues by:

   ~ creating a pleasant, calming environment for bedtime

   ~ supporting you through stress

   ~ lifting your mood

   ~ providing topical blends to massage sore, swollen joints  

   ~ soothing pain and headaches

   ~ So much more….

Brandywine Botanicals offers workshops and one-on-one appointments. We partner with you and provide to provide safe, effective blends to help meet wellness goals.