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About Us


I am Robin Kielkowski, owner and founder of Brandywine Botanicals, a very small aromatherapy and essential oil-based products company located in Delaware.  Here is a little information about how "BB" came to be.

Brandywine Botanicals was launched after making a big decision to leave the corporate world. When I talk to friends that I haven’t see for a while and tell them what I do now, the most frequent question is, ‘Why did you leave a perfectly good job to start a tiny aromatherapy business?”  This is a good question as I’m known as that logical, linear thinker.  However, those closest to me know I’ve always had a creative side. It was simply time to use it. 

Aromatherapy takes me back to my roots.  Nostalgia for scents from childhood helps me appreciate the role that scent plays in memory. My grandmother plopped bath beads into the warm water as it filled the tub, diffusing beautiful, steamy fragrance, a childhood treat.  My grandfather doled out flowers and corsages to celebrate occasions. Days in the woods of my hometown in Indiana were full of flowers, frogs in ponds and forts built under weeping willow trees.  It was a good childhood. My love of the flowers and plants grew through work as a floral designer and continues with a lifelong love of gardening. 

Training as a respiratory therapist has shown me how lifestyle choices impact our health.  It provides a foundation to understand the chemistry behind effective essential oil blending. 

So how exactly did I land here? I have always loved fragrance. After a brief but intense natural perfume training I began experimenting with aromatics and blending essential oils for their fragrance. It soon became apparent that these were more than 'just pretty fragrances' and that the oils held beneficial properties.  An aromatherapy workshop ultimately led me to certification training and a practice geared to helping others.

What appeals to me about aromatherapy is the combination of art and science.  When most people think of aromatherapy, they often think of lavender's fragrance and its ability to calm and sooth.  However, lavender has many other benefits.  Each oil contains molecules from several chemical families, each with a benefit to our health and wellness.  When combined, they work together with a “whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.” 

I still blend a small variety of natural perfumes.  It is pure fun coming up with beautiful fragrance.  Aromatherapy adds a new dimension to using essential oils that allows me to share these wonderful resources.

Brandywine Botanicals is the culmination of this lifetime of experience.  It was born in 2017.