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Our Fragrances - an overview

A snapshot of our fragrances. 

Almost Summer

Have you ever been to an orange grove in the spring...when it is almost summer? This citrus floral opens with a honey tangerine blend and beautiful orange blossom.  Vanilla and sandalwood provide a warm sweet finish. 

Fresh Cardamom

A unique fragrance with cardamom and spicy ginger that quickly softens to a clean, fresh scent.  Enjoy this blend as it evolves on your skin.  A classic example of how naturals can surprise and delight. Unisex.


Initial sparkle of lemon and bergamot with beautiful jasmine, rose and ylang ylang florals finishing with vetiver, moss and a touch of vanilla. Inspired by an adventurous friend who is eternally optimistic and energizes those around her. Unisex. 

Lime Sage

Lime and sage, fir, cedar and oakmoss with a beautiful, soft sandalwood dry-down.  The ultimate fresh guy scent (that women are wearing too). 

Vienna Woods

Opens with citrus and soft spice then rich, sweet forest.  A finish of amber notes and vanilla.  This will take you on fall trips to NYC and Vienna museums, cool weather hikes and cuddling in front of a fire after a day outdoors.


This unisex floral opens with pink pepper and green tea sweetened with tangerine and a hint of berry. Violet and Moroccan rose lead you to a long-lasting soft vanilla and sandalwood finish. Not a shrinking violet!

White Garden

A tapestry of sunset and flowers in the garden.  The beauty of white flowers with honey tangerine, jasmine vines, intoxicating orange blossom, white rose petals, frangipani from India.  Perfectly paired with a romantic evening.