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Commercial fragrances abound.  They are in consumer products, on every cosmetics counter, every store shelf.  They last a long time, project across a room.  That's fine.  Unless you want something a little different.  Something that not everyone else is wearing. 

Brandywine Botanicals fragrance is hand-crafted in a small studio.  Raw materials include some of the most luxurious essences available.  Our fragrance contains essential oils, absolutes and tinctures that are created on-site by infusing the same alcohol used create our perfume with a variety of botanicals. These ingredients are carefully blended and aged for several months to provide you with a unique, beautiful fragrance.  Each is inspired by the world around us, the people who fill it, a mood or a memory. 

To truly appreciate naturals, apply, then wait for a few minutes.  The fragrance blossoms on your skin and responds to your unique body chemistry.  The fragrance evolves.  Enjoy each moment.