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Bliss - relax

Like a visit to the spa. Calms & sooths physical or emotional over-exertion. Apply to your palms and rub into sore muscles or joints then cup your hands and breathe deeply.

Ginger – the rhizome of this brilliant red blooming plant provides a warming and emotionally stabilizing oil.  Most widely known for its digestive properties, it also helps with muscle spasms and inflammation.

Cardamom – The warming essential oil is useful in helping us manage through pain and inflammation with emotional qualities that help when we are worried or stressed.

Plai- a member of the ginger family, the rhizome of this white flowering plant provides a cooling essential oil that provides comfort for pain and inflammation.  Its fresh, exotic fragrance can calm and bring peace when experiencing anxiety or stress.

Petitgrain – the green leaves come from the bitter orange tree.  Perfect to sooth sore, inflamed muscles. This skin-loving oil helps calm an anxious moment and lifts the mood. 

Orange Blossom – What a beautiful fragrance to provide emotional support.  A few precious drops of this exquisite oil are added to relax and reduce perceived stress to open the way for our immune system.  It is said to sooth the heart and enhance spiritual awareness.