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Awake - energize

Feel invigorated and energized as you begin the day.  Roll onto your pulse points and your palms.  Cup your hands and breathe deeply.

Rose Grapefruit – A lovely rose-colored variety of the grapefruit.  Cleansing and uplifting.

Sweet Orange – Sweet, uplifting and happy.  Helps when we are in need of a positive outlook. 

Green Mandarin – Bright and tart with floral notes.  Like the other citrus oils in this blend, this small fruit cleanses and refreshes.

Eucalyptus – There are many types of eucalyptus.  The flat-leafed globulus species from Madagascar is intense, fresh and sweet with the expected camphor fragrance.  Supports us when we feel a little under the weather and helps when we are tired or in need of a boost.

Rosemary – A garden herb favorite that uplifts and energizes and encourages mental clarity.  Just what we need to start the day.

Peppermint – Peppermint stimulates and helps us focus.  These small leaves have so many benefits.  They refresh and awaken, sooth the stomach and help clear stuffy noses. 

Geranium – the deeply skin-nourishing essential oil extracted from the leaves of Pelargonium x asperum provide balance to this blend.  Geranium is deeply skin nourishing and lifts our mood.