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How to Wear Fragrance

Do we really need directions for wearing fragrance? Well, yes and no. You can certainly just spray and go but there are simple ways to make your fragrance last longer. 

Apply directly to your skin so the fragrance blossoms and evolves through the different fragrance notes. This is particularly true for naturals that have the depth of real flowers, citrus, woods and all of the beautiful ingredients that botanicals provide.

  • Apply to moisturized skin, especially when the environment is dry. Oils from your skin help ‘grab’ the fragrance and hold onto it.   
  • Do not spray the air and walk through the mist! This is huge waste of product and may stain fabrics. 
  • Store in a dark, cool place with bottles capped. Light, heat and air can deteriorate fragrance ingredients.
Enjoy the fragrance! Take the time to notice how it evolves. What do you notice first? What are the final fragrance notes? Vanilla? Sandalwood? Do you still smell florals? Naturals will surprise you.