Brandywine Botanicals is a small company offering natural artisan fragrance for men and women. They are located in Wilmington, Delaware, part of the scenic Brandywine Valley. The area is home to world-renowned Longwood Gardens, beautiful DuPont estates and is full of small independent vineyards, organic farms, creative chocolatiers and artists. These beautiful surroundings provide inspiration for many of their fragrances.

Brandywine Botanicals blends are unique.  Each is made by hand using natural and organic essential oils, absolutes and CO2s.  No preservatives or dyes are added.  The lovely colors come from plants: fresh greens, warm yellows, amber and rose blush. Natural fragrances blossom on the skin and respond to your unique body chemistry as they evolve from top notes to middle heart notes and the longer-lasting base notes. This graceful transition is part of natural perfume artistry.

Robin Kielkowski is the owner of Brandywine Botanicals and creates each fragrance in her Delaware studio.

Life’s little luxuries.

Robin Kielkowski
Robin Kielkowski is the owner of Brandywine Botanicals. A diverse career path has provided the foundation for developing this creative business. Experience in floral design contributes to an appreciation of artistic balance and an interest in unique fragrances. Years in the corporate world have provided the tools necessary for this entrepreneurial venture. A career in healthcare opened the door to appreciation of healthy living and an understanding of the implications of lifestyle on overall well-being. With balance and moderation, Robin emphasizes awareness of using natural products, avoidance of processed foods and how our bodies absorb what they are exposed to. In support of learning and personal decision-making, she offers information on Brandywine Botanicals products via an ingredient listing on the web site that goes beyond FDA requirements.
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